Quick Answer: What Happened To Kuby?

How did Walt poison Brock?

But the poison wasn’t caused by ricin as later confirmed, it was from a Lily of the Valley plant, revealed to be in Walt’s backyard in the final shot of Breaking Bad’s season 4 finale.

Off camera, Walt had somehow planted the juice box in Brock’s lunch at school, making sure only he came in contact with the drink..

Will El Camino tie into better call Saul?

Well the short answer is no, for the most part the two spin-offs don’t really tie in with each other. Whereas El Camino takes place after the events of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is primarily a prequel and so there isn’t an overlap in terms of time period.

What happened huell Babineaux?

Unfortunately, it was downhill for Huell; after being snagged by the DEA and forced to give up the location of the cash, he was last seen in a safe house awaiting… what? We never find out, as the DEA agents who brought him there were promptly executed and buried in the desert.

Did Bill Burr star in Breaking Bad?

William “Bill” Burr is an American stand-up comedian and actor. He portrays Patrick Kuby in Breaking Bad.

Is Kuby in better call Saul?

Sadly, we now have to rule out the return of one Breaking Bad character: Kuby, played by Bill Burr. The actor himself confirmed that he won’t appear in Better Call Saul or El Camino during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show.

Why was Bill Burr in breaking bad?

Bill Burr was one of the henchmen in Breaking Bad, the guys that were sent out to do a job on occasion. As one of Saul’s guys he was tasked with doing whatever illicit actions that Saul needed.

Is Jesse Pinkman in better call Saul?

“It’s our annual TCA announcement that Walt and Jesse will not be in Season 5. … Gilligan made his feelings known about Walt and Jesse: “I would love to see them on ‘Better Call Saul’ before it ends.

Who is the richest comedian?

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Why didn’t Jesse kill Walt?

Why didn’t Jesse kill Walt? Because he was the bigger man. Jesse did not have to kill, he knew he had already taken everything Walter White cherished, his money, his family, and his manhood, and he did it without killing one person.

Why didn’t Jesse burn down Walt’s house?

Jesse didn’t burn Walt’s house down. … Hank Schrader was there to stop Jesse from burning it all down in the literal sense so he could help him burn Walt’s life down in a more figurative –and likely more devastating– way.

What happened to the TV show better call Saul?

Season five dropped on AMC and Netflix at the end of February but now the future of the show has also been announced. AMC has revealed Better Call Saul has been renewed for a sixth and final series. A sixth and final season means the beloved show will be coming to an end in a few years.

Who is Patrick Kuby in breaking bad?

Patrick Kuby is one of Saul Goodman’s henchmen. He was first seen working with Skyler White and later as an accomplice of Saul’s bodyguard, Huell Babineaux, who are referred to as Saul’s “A-Team.”

What happened to Huell?

Huell was last seen in the Season 5 episode ”To’hajiilee,” in which he was taken to a safe house and duped by Hank and Gomez into thinking Jesse was dead and Kuby was missing. … So, when he learns that Gomez and Hank have gone missing, he would in short order tell his superiors what they were up to.

Why was Kim Wexler not in breaking bad?

She’s with the cartel! A long shot, for sure, but perhaps Kim isn’t seen in Breaking Bad because she’s off working for the Juárez Cartel. Perhaps her confrontation with Lalo impressed him enough to make her a friend of the cartel.

Is Jimmy McGill mentioned in Breaking Bad?

By the time of Saul’s introduction in Breaking Bad, he has fully adopted the identity of “Saul Goodman”, and rarely mentions the name McGill.

How much is Bill Burr worth?

Bill Burr Net worth and Salary: Bill Burr is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer who has a net worth of $12 million dollars.

How many people did Walter White kill?

But in terms of deaths that he’s actually responsible for, my count is 22. UPDATE: As of the finale, Walt also personally killed 7 neo-Nazis at the compound, and poisoned Lydia (assuming she does die). That brings his total up to 30 deaths which he caused, or for which he was personally responsible.

What will happen in Better Call Saul Season 5?

Lalo Salamanca lives, and he’s got a new score to settle The more action-packed half of the Better Call Saul season 5 finale takes place in Mexico, where Nacho Varga has been primed to help execute Lalo Salamanca in his own home. Varga spends most of the episode pretending that he wants to join the Salamanca Cartel.