What Is The Meaning Of Brust?

What is the meaning of breast Brust?

Brust f (genitive Brust, plural Brüste, diminutive Brüstchen n ) chest.

breast (of a woman); side of the chest (of a man).

What’s another word for Burst?

What is another word for burst?explodedetonateburst apartburst outfly into piecesshatterrupturecracksplitbang34 more rows

What is the past tense of cost?

past tense of cost is cost or costed.

What is the meaning of risk?

Definition: Risk implies future uncertainty about deviation from expected earnings or expected outcome. Risk measures the uncertainty that an investor is willing to take to realize a gain from an investment. Description: Risks are of different types and originate from different situations.

What is the meaning of worst?

/wɜrst/ of the lowest quality, or the most unpleasant, difficult, or severe; superlative ofbad and badly: That was the worst meal I’ve ever eaten.

What part of speech is Burst?

burstpart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:bursts, bursting, burstdefinition 1:to break, open up, or explode suddenly, usu. because of internal pressure. The balloon burst. synonyms: detonate, erupt, explode, fulminate, rupture similar words: break, bust, disintegrate, pop, smash, split16 more rows

What is Brust?

Definition of “brust” [brust] A dialectal variant of burst: as, “like to brust,” A bristle. ( Bristled; enraged.

What is the meaning of burst?

verb (used without object), burst or, often, burst·ed, burst·ing. to break, break open, or fly apart with sudden violence: The bitter cold caused the pipes to burst. to issue forth suddenly and forcibly, as from confinement or through an obstacle: Oil burst to the surface. He burst through the doorway.

Which one means break or burst?

When used as nouns, break means an instance of breaking something into two or more pieces, whereas burst means an act or of bursting.

Is bursted a real word?

Although bursted is not a word in English, some writers erroneously use it as a past tense or past participle for burst. As mentioned above, burst is itself the past tense form of this verb, making bursted unnecessary and incorrect.

What is Burstout?

1 : to begin (doing something) suddenly They both burst out laughing. 2 : to say (something) suddenly Everyone burst out “Surprise!” as he walked through the door.

What is the difference between burst and bust?

As verbs the difference between bust and burst is that bust is to break something while burst is to break from internal pressure.

What’s the past tense of cut?

Answer and Explanation: The past tense of cut remains the same, cut. For example: Yesterday, I cut wood to build a fire. Another example: I cut out a puppet for school last…