Which Is The Best Airtel DTH Plan?

Which is the best DTH plan?

Best DTH plans you can get from Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky and DishTVTata Sky Premium Sports English HD pack.

The Tata Sky Premium Sports English HD pack has a base price of Rs 500 for 30 days.

Airtel Digital TV My Sports HD pack.

DishTV New Titanium pack..

Can I use Tata Sky set top box for Airtel?

Yes, you can use any dish antenna for any set top box. No problem. Just get the subscribtions as per the set top box and start rolling. … In my opinion No you cannot use non Tata Sky dish antenna for Tata sky set top box.

How can I customize my Airtel digital TV package?

How To Change Airtel DTH Plan?Log on to Airtel’s website.Enter your registered mobile number and OTP you have received via SMS.Now, login to your airtel account.Select the DTH symbol on the left-hand side and then go to the ‘Connections’ tab.Select the ‘Change Base Pack’ option.Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to.More items…•

Which is better Tatasky or Airtel?

We can see that Airtel Digital TV is better than Tata Sky in almost each area. Hardware and software is same in both DTH services. User interface is also same but Airtel Digital TV has some plus points such as universal remote, more TV channels, etc which make Airtel DTH better than Tata Sky.

Is Airtel Live TV free?

For watching free live TV, Airtel prepaid and postpaid customers will have to download the Airtel TV app and register using Airtel’s mobile Internet to activate the free subscription. … As an offer, Airtel TV app on Android and iOS will offer a free subscription to ErosNow and Hooq content until June 2018.

How can I add more channels in Airtel digital TV?

In case you want to add or remove a channel from your Airtel Digital TV, you need to send an SMS containing your customer ID. For adding a channel, you need to send Add to 54325. For example, if the channel number is 121, the SMS would be Add 121 to 54325.

How can I know my Airtel DTH plan?

To check Airtel DTH account balance by SMS you need to simply send an SMS With BAL to 54325. This SMS is Toll-Free and the simplest way to find your Airtel Digital TV balance and Airtel DTH recharge status.

Can I make my own Airtel DTH plan?

Airtel Digital TV users can make their own plans or select from a range of recommended plans as per the new TRAI guidelines on channel number 998 on Airtel digital TV. Upon selecting the channels and their prices, users just have to scan a QR code to activate their selection.

Can we choose channels in Airtel DTH?

Users can choose to go with one of the packs they like or select individual channels from Ala-Carte category to make their own monthly pack. The number of channels will start from 25 as Airtel by default selects 25 free Doordarshan channels.

How can I remove add on channel in Airtel digital TV?

Similar to how we add new channels on Airtel Digital TV, users can also remove the existing channels by sending an SMS. To drop any channel through registered number, SMS REM >Channel Number> 54325. For example, the format would look something like REM 105 and send it to 54325.

Which DTH plan cheap?

Videocon d2h, often claimed as the “affordable” option to Tata Sky costs only Rs 3 lesser than Tata Sky, but offers 3 channels lesser as well. It is funny to note that this so-called affordable DTH is thrashed by Airtel Digital TV, which costs Rs 199 lesser for the exact same number of channels.

How can I know my DTH plan?

To know Dish TV balance, simply send an SMS CALL ME to 57575 from your registered mobile number. You will receive a call back from Dish TV executives within a few hours. You can then ask them for your Dish TV Account Balance & Dish TV Recharge Status.

What is Family Pack in Airtel?

Airtel CC: Airtel myPlan for family is a postpaid plan which can be customised as per the needs of the family members. … After doing so, you can add upto five family members to your plan, at Rs 99 per member. Also, within the family members you will get free calls.

Which DTH has maximum HD channels?

The overall SD and HD channel count on Tata Sky network is 589, whereas the same on Airtel Digital TV network is 626. As you can clearly see, Airtel Digital TV is leading the chart when it comes to the overall SD+HD channel count, thanks to various exclusive channels being provided by the DTH operator.