Brilliant Repurposing Project: How to Make Roses out of Plastic Spoons

Wow! 39 Unexpected Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

Brilliant Repurposing Project: How to Make Roses out of Plastic Spoons

Whether you use a bag-for-life, a rucksack or even a suitcase for your food and clothes shopping, sometimes you can forget to take them out with you and end up taking plastic bags home instead.

You can often see discarded carrier bags on the ground, or hanging in trees and we all know they can last for a very long periods of time in landfill sites.

I've found a number of ways you can reuse your plastic bags – some of which you really won't expect. If you the post, please share it with your friends – we're trying to spread the word about Expert Home Tips!

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1. Make a Flowerpot

My my Mr. Basil – you do look rather fetching in that plastic bag pot.

This is a mighty great way to use your leftover plastic bags – making your very own flowerpot them! All you need are 7-8 medium-to-large thin plastic bags and a large crochet hook. You can view the brilliant tutorial at

2. In your holiday suitcase

Plastic bags prove themselves quite useful for when you're going on holiday. Use them to protect any liquids such as perfumes or shampoo bottles in your luggage – and put your dirty shoes in them to keep them away from your clothes. For more great tips this check out Genius Holiday Hacks: for your Suitcase.

3. In the Bathroom Bin

Line your bathroom bin with spare plastic bags and save yourself from spilling tissues, floss, empty toothpaste tubes and more all over the floor! When it's full, just tie up the top and chuck it in your bin. Easy.

4. Make a skipping rope

Plastic bag skipping ropes – not just for kids.

This is a great way to re-use plastic bags, and the kids will love it too. All you need are some plastic bags, scissors and some duct tape. This is a great idea for the summer, so why not check it out now at

5. Rolling out dough

Cut a plastic bag in half and use it as a non-stick surface for rolling out your dough. You can also make the process even easier by rolling your dough between two plastic bag sheets.

6. For car sickness

Keep some plastic bags in your car just in case a passenger gets car sick. Don't forget to make sure they don't have any holes in them first! You might even choose to double-bag them to further prevent any leakages…

7. In your car boot

If you've got bottles of washer fluid, oil, de-icer and cloths in your car boot, keep them individually wrapped in plastic bags. This will prevent spillages and keep them tidy.

8. Make a pair of sandals

Wow. Just wow.

Erm, wow. I can't actually believe you can make a pair of sandals using plastic bags, but blow me down, you can. For instructions on how to make them, check out mleak's post at

9. Food prep bin

If your kitchen bin is far away from where you prepare food, hang a plastic bag on a drawer. This way you can slide all your peelings, chopped tops of carrots and empty packaging into it. You can have two plastic bags hanging on each corner – one for recycling and one for general waste.

10. For car rubbish

Whether it's empty sweet wrappers, fast-food rubbish or tissues, you're bound to experience a messy car every now and again. Keep a few plastic bags in your car for a quick clean-out – or even better, tell everyone to use it as a car bin bag from the start.

11. Storage for other plastic bags

Keep all your plastic bags in one bag so it's easier to grab one out at a time. I usually keep mine below the sink or on the back of the kitchen door.

12. Weave a basket

Photo & basket by

If you're creative and great with your hands, you'll want to try making one of these lovely wrapped baskets. You can find instructions on how to do it at

13.Protect outdoor taps

Freezing temperatures? Look after your outdoor taps in the winter by taping lots of plastic bags over them.

14. Protect your car

If it's a cold harsh winter, use your spare plastic bags to cover your cars wing-mirrors and windscreen wipers. This will save you having to scrape ice off them.

15. Clothes wrap

Prevent your winter or summer clothes being eaten by moths and wrap them all up in plastic bags.

16. Clothes hanger cover

Genius idea for your plastic bags.

If you have a lot of metal hangers and your clothes keep slipping off them, fret no longer! You can reuse plastic plastic bags to create great covers for your hangers. To create your Recycled Plastic Hanger cover today, follow these fabulous instructions detailed at

17. Parcel padding

Selling some items? Keep them safe by using balled up plastic bags as protective padding when you send the items to your buyers.

18. Parachutes for toys

Cut your plastic bags into squares, tie string around the corners and hey presto – you have a parachutes for your toys. This is a great idea for the kids, or grown-up kids!

19. Flowers

They almost look real!

Make beautiful flowers from your old plastic bags! Check out this fantastic instruction video from ArtsnCraft4U and get crafting today.

20. When you move house

Protect glass items and ornaments by balling up plastic bags and using them as packing material. You will cushion the glass and keep your precious items safe on the journey to their new home.

21. As stuffing

If you've got thick cushions or pet beds that need re-stuffing, try using plastic bags. It's a free alternative to buying more stuffing!

22. By the front door

Protect your floors and carpet from sopping wet umbrellas by storing some plastic bags by the door for your family and guests to use. You can also keep some spare plastic bags for dirty shoes football boots and wellies to be transported outside for cleaning.

23. Make a rug

What lovely colours.

Did you know you can make a rug your spare plastic bags? No, neither did… and they look so pretty too! Find out more on how you can make your own rug at

24. Protect your plants

Loosely tie a plastic bag around your plants overnight to protect them from the frost. Just remember to remove the bag in the morning.

26. Packed lunches

If you're worried about a leaking lunch-box, or just need something to carry your lunch in, then use your trusty plastic bag!

27. Seal a paint can

When you're finished painting for the day, place a plastic bag on top, then put the paint lid on. This will prevent any dry old paint that may have accumulated in the lid from slipping into the can.

28. Take them swimming

No, I don't mean swim with your plastic bags – use them to hold your wet towels and swimsuits so you don't get the rest of your belongings sopping wet. Put your shampoo and conditioner into a plastic bag to prevent them from leaking.

29. When you're painting

Need a break from painting the walls? Tie a plastic bag around your paintbrush, remembering to wrap it tight so there is no air. That way, you won't have to clean your brush!

30. Make a Pom Pom

What a beautiful pom pom it will be.

Follow the instructions from on how to make Pom Poms plastic bags. You can use your creation in lots of different places, maybe as a party hat topper or as a gift wrapping bow.

31. PE Kits & Gym Bags

Transport stinky clothes in plastic bags from the gym to your washing machine.

32. Organise your freezer

Separate your freezer goods into different plastic bags for easy access. Keep all your frozen vegetables together, ice cream and lollies, all your leftovers and then label them with a permanent marker.

33. In the garden shed

Have you got a messy, organised shed? Use plastic bags to store dirty gloves, rags and other gardening bits and bobs in.

34. Make a kite

Such innocent fun.

Oh this takes me back, I remember making a plastic bag kite when I was very young. Why don't you make one today with these great instructions from

35. Keep your trousers clean

If you love to garden then keep your knees clean by tying some old plastic bags around them. This will protect you from mud – you can tie lots around your legs, to keep your knees padded and comfy while you work.

36. Ask your local schools

Often schools may need plastic bags, for crafts or reusing. Ask at your local schools to see if they would yours.

37. Shoe protectors

If it's raining heavily or muddy outside, grab a couple of plastic bags and use them over your shoes to protect them.

38. Make a shopper bag

I want one!

This is a pretty snazzy way to re-use your plastic bags – make a trendy shopper bag. Here are the instructions from, I can't wait to give it a whirl.

39. Recycle them!

Look for your nearest plastic bag recycling facilities at your local big supermarkets. Sainsbury's have recycling banks for carrier bags and
Morrisons have collection points for carrier bags and batteries. 

I hope you've enjoyed the list! If you've got an idea for your old plastic bags, please comment below – I'd love to hear them!


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Brilliant Repurposing Project: How to Make Roses out of Plastic Spoons

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Make a plastic spoon chalkboard wreath for Thanksgiving.

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They may not be the best ideas for decorating a house, but they sure are crafty.

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Reason being they seem hazardous to me.

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