Kids’ Craft: Turn those Empty Plastic Eggs into Light-Up Fireflies in No Time

70+ {Awesome} Homemade Toys You Can Make for Your Kids

Kids’ Craft: Turn those Empty Plastic Eggs into Light-Up Fireflies in No Time

If you make homemade gifts for your kids, grandkids, daycare kids or students at Christmas, you will love this collection of 70+ terrific homemade toys that you can make and give.

With the holidays not too far off, I’ve been busy gathering lots of homemade gift ideas.

Recently, I rounded up dozens of homemade gifts that kids can make for grown ups,  and that post was so popular, I thought I’d share  a collection of homemade gifts that grown-ups can make for kids.

I got a little carried away because, holy cow, there are a TON of homemade toy ideas floating around on the internet. Toys for babies, toddler toys, toys for preschool boys and girls. Toys made from old furniture or from items in your recycle bin, toys made from stuff you already have around the house, and toys made from inexpensive thrift shop finds.

All in all, I’ve found over 70 homemade kids’ toys that you can totally make at home. Whether you’re looking for a toy you can sew, craft or build for the child in your life, you’re sure to find inspiration in this collection. Enjoy!

70+ Homemade Toys to Make for Kids

All of these toys are fairly easy and inexpensive to make.  Some are knock-offs of brand name toys, and some of these toy ideas are truly original.  One thing is certain – they’re all perfect if you to give kids handmade gifts at Christmas, birthdays or any day!

 Homemade Lacing Toys:

These simple lacing frames are easy to make and great for helping little ones develop their fine motor skills.  – Babble Dabble Do

Shaped foam lacers are easy for little hands to grip and a fun way to practice threading skills.  – Powerful Mothering

I adore this all-natural, stick threading game by Mini Eco.

Homemade Felt Toys for Toddlers:

Here’s a soft and colourful way for toddlers to explore the alphabet: stuffed, hand-sewn felt letters by Buggy and Buddy.

Make a no-sew, alphabet pocket chart to help little ones learn their letters. – Lalymom

I see countless hours of creating and re-creating here with this gorgeous potato head felt set. – jocelynandjasonblogspot

DIY Activity boards for the playroom or classroom:

Babies and toddlers will LOVE exploring all the textures and gadgets on these awesome sensory boards by Fun at Home with Kids.

Make a latch board Domesticesq did with random bits and bobs from the work shop or hardware store.

My boys would’ve LOVED a life-sized dashboard   this one made from used parts. – And Next Comes L

You can buy similar latch boards and activity boards here with my affiliate link.

Upcycled Homemade Dollhouses:

Got cardboard? Handmade Charlotte shares 6 ways to make a dollhouse a cardboard box. 

Mama Papa Bubba shows you how she and her daughter made this simple but beautiful dollhouse from an inexpensive bookshelf. 

Learn how to turn an old dresser into a larger-than-life Barbie house. Handy storage drawer in the bottom!

Upcycle the drawers from an old bedside table into this adorably charming dollhouse by Semi Proper.

Homemade Stamps:

6 ways to make homemade stamps for toddlers using common household items. – Happy Hooligans

Help your little one learn to spell his name with this simple homemade name stamp by Mama Papa Bubba.

Decorate homemade cards, wrapping paper or fabric projects with this spring flower wine-cork stamp.  Happy Hooligans

Kids can make imprints in play dough with these rustic tree block stamps by Two-da-loo.

Toys from upcycled furniture:

I adore this workbench/tool station that The Frugal Granny made from an old bedside table.

How about this AMAZING upcycle?  A deluxe play kitchen made from an old tv/entertainment cabinet! – Giggleberry Creations

Fresh Crush transformed a night-stand into a play kitchen for about $30 using cast-offs and inexpensive accessories.

Homemade toys for babies:

Turn your recyclables into a variety of colourful, fine-motor toys for babies and young toddlers. The Imagination Tree

Crafts on Sea has a homemade tag blanket that will delight babies with its crinkling sound and soft, satiny tags.

Childhood 101 shows you how to turn your family photos into a cloth baby book for your little one to enjoy.

Homemade Sock Toys:

Attempting Aloha transforms a sock into a glamorous hobby-horse that any little rider would love.

Turn a sock into an adorable baby rattle with some stuffing and a few simple stitches. – Homemade by Jill

Toys from the Recycle Bin:

An empty plastic bottle + 3 basic kitchen ingredients = a mesmerizing “ocean in a bottle”. – Happy Hooligans

Kids who love to build will enjoy this homemade construction set made from a few pieces of sturdy cardboard – Happy Hooligans

Teach shapes, colours, letters and numbers with this cardboard box turned drop box.  The kids have been using ours for years.

If your kids love playing with your good nativity set, make them one of their own. This toilet roll nativity set is easy to make (no sewing required), and your kids will cherish it for years.

Homemade Toys for Outdoors:

It would be so dreamy to spend an afternoon reading in one of these Hula Hoop Hideouts. – Handimania

Ok, I totally want to hang out on this DIY water blob by Homemade Toast.  Bonus:  It’s leak-proof!

Check out how Dyan turned a few dollar-store shower curtains into this awesome toddler parachute. – And Next Comes L

Homemade Quiet Books:

A quiet book is perfect for those times when you need to keep your kids busy… and quiet. I love this no-sew version by Powerful Mothering.

This busy book by Mouse House has “pages” of colourful quiet activities to keep little hands busy and learning.

Homemade Activity Boards:

Turn an inexpensive oil-drip pan into a gigantic magnet board for the playroom or classroom. – Mama Miss

Make an outdoor easel for your kids to get artsy and creative with in the backyard. – Fantastic Fun and Learning

See how Mama Papa Bubba quickly turned an inexpensive frame into a homemade felt board.

*Want to know an easy way to cut your own felt pieces for your felt board?  Check out this awesome felt-cutting tutorial by Juggling with Kids.

Homemade Doll Toys:

Make a fabric doll sling for your little one to carry her babies around in. – Mama Smiles

Check out this whimsical family of wooden spoon dolls decorated by Jess Quinn.

Paint up a set of wooden alphabet dolls for play and learning. – No Time for Flashcards

This really is the best-ever play dough!  It keeps for months, so it’s perfect to make ahead and give as a gift.  – The Imagination Tree

Did you know you can make your own silly putty? – Coffee Cups and Crayons shows us how.

Homemade Indoor Hopscotch:

I had fun making this homemade cardboard hopscotch.  Laying the tiles out helps the hooligans with their number recognition and ordering skills.

Make a new-sew hopscotch mat that you can roll up and tuck away when not in use.  There are games on the reverse side too!  – A girl with a Glue Gun

You can also buy an indoor hopscotch mat here with my affiliate link.

Homemade Forts and Tents:

Set up a 5-minute teepee in the backyard!  What a magical place for a little one to spend a summer afternoon. – Mama Papa Bubba

For those of you who to sew, Cakies shows you how to make a simple A-frame tent for the kids to use indoors or out.

Buy an indoor tent or teepee here with my affiliate link. 

Homemade Puzzles for Toddlers:

Adventure in a Box shows you how to make a wooden name puzzle for your child.  You’ll have this lovely keepsake for years.

Turn a set of wooden blocks and some family photos into these nifty, interchangeable people puzzles. – Meaningful Mama

Homemade Toys for Gross Motor Development:

See how Hello Wonderful turned a skateboard deck into homemade balance board to help develop core and large-motor strength.

Build a set of simple wood block stompers.  They can be used at two different heights depending on the age of your child. – I Can Teach My Child

This bucket and rope contraption was free to make, and it’s provided hundreds of hours of open-ended play here in our backyard.

Homemade Coloured and Textured Blocks:

Fun with Kids at Home shows us how to easily add a pop of vibrant colour to a set of plain wooden blocks.  So gorgeous!

Babies and toddlers will love exploring the colours and textures of these homemade sensory blocks. – Fireflies and Mudpies

$3 bucks, a trip to the dollar-store, and some hot-glue will get you this fab set of coloured light blocks. -And Next Comes L

Fine Motor Toys to Make for Kids:

A colourful button snake is easy to make and helps little ones develop their fine motor and buttoning skills. – Happy Hooligans

Put together a sewing basket  filled with lots of goodies for a preschooler to explore and practice early sewing skills with.

I just love Crayon Box Chronicles’ homemade geo board.  Little ones can sharpen their fine motor skills while learning about shapes and geometry with rubber bands or fabric loops.

Stones for Play:

Make an adorable stone tic-tac-toe game to match your child’s favourite colours, this one from Eighteen 25.

Paint up a set of non-traditional, rock dominoes for the kids to play and learn with. Unfortunately, Childcareland Blog seems to have disappeared from the internet, so you can check out these rock dominoes at The House that Lars Built.

Story Stones are fun and easy to make, and great for narrative play, and developing story-telling skills. – Happy Hooligans

Alphabet stones are perfect for a game of outdoor “hangman” or to simply teach your child their letters through open-ended play.

Homemade Toys for Car-Loving Kids:

Turn your old jeans into fabric roads!  Easy to make, and to stash in the diaper bag when you’re going out. – Lil Mop Top

Visit Picklebums to get these free, printable roads.  Your kids can build a whole city!

Buggy and Buddy painted up a set of simple wooden roads and ramps for her son.  Think of the hours of fun these would provide.

If you love to sew, this amazing car mat would be a super project and keepsake to make for your child or grandchild. – Homemade by Jill

Homemade Play Kitchen Toys:

And Next Comes L has some great felt food ideas that you can make for your child’s play kitchen.

Turn a package of inexpensive kitchen sponges into colourful foam cakes and cookies the ones Inner Child Fun made.

LOVE this!  Turn a plastic storage container into a pretend cook-top.  Store the baking instruments inside! – And Next Comes L

Make an inexpensive, portable light box using a kitchen storage container and an LED light.  Store the toys inside!

And Next Comes L shows you how to turn a basic pegboard into a light bright game for your home or classroom.

Want a full-size light table for much less than it costs to buy one? Check out this step-by-step tutorial from And Next Comes L.

More homemade blocks to make:

I love these colourful magnetic blocks that You Clever Monkey made for their magnet board.

How inviting are these Waldorf-inspired nature blocks that Adventure in a Box made.  What a lovely way to build and create.

And last, but not least:  take your block building into a new dimension (literally) with a set of these homemade velcro blocks by Chasing Cheerios..

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58 Spectacular Plastic Egg Craft Ideas

Kids’ Craft: Turn those Empty Plastic Eggs into Light-Up Fireflies in No Time

Have you ever noticed that the plastic eggs that we buy at Easter time seem to multiply, substantially, from one year to the next? After a couple of years, we're thinking of making plastic egg crafts with all the extras. The plastic eggs come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and can be decoupaged, painted over or glued to, and transformed into a nice decorator item.

There are a few projects that use Styrofoam, wooden, paper mache or real eggs, but I'm of the opinion that plastic eggs could be used in their place, so these crafts are included here.

You can make the gorgeous, lighted Easter garland shown above.

Pretty darned cute, and besides that they wobble. Fun to make and even more fun to play with. Find the instructions for making these wobble egg Ninjas at Frugal Fun for Boys.

This is such a cute Easter craft idea that is easy to make and so special to display. Imagine them in a nice basket, bowl or tucked in a centerpiece. Check out the instructions at Sweet Pea and then make some of these carrots for your home.

This yarn wrapped egg garland is so simple to make and so beautiful to look at. Imagine all the ways you could make this your own inspiration by changing the colors of the eggs or adding glitter, buttons, etc. Find the tutorial for making this garland at Picklee.

Follow the instructions given at Mom Junction to make these little beauties. You'll have to scroll down on the page to get to this project.

Looks this would be a great tub toy for the little ones. Find the tutorial for making these floating fish at The Pinterested Parent.

Use the wobble heads as a centerpiece on Easter and see how many comments you'll hear about how much fun it was to make them. Find the instructions for making these wobble heads at Crafting in the Rain.

I don't have a fireplace, but if I did this is one craft that I know I'd want to make. This is perfect, especially during the summer months, when the weather is too warm to use the fireplace, but you want the ambiance of a glowing fire. To make these tealights, go to TAYLORMADE for the tutorial.

You don't have to wait for Cinco de Mayo to make and play these maracas. The directions for making these maracas is found at Made Everyday.

Watching the birds gather around, to feed on the bird feeder that you have just hung out, is the pleasure you'll get after making the egg bird feeders. You'll find the instructions for making bird feeders the one shown is found at playing house.

You can find the instructions for this really cute craft at apartment therapy. A sneak peek: the lights are LED flameless candles.

This would be a perfect addition to a Tea Party Baby or Bridal shower party. the tutorial for making these tea cups is found at Design Dazzle.

Nothing says, “Spring,” pastel bunnies and chicks. This combination makes for a beautiful garland to hang in a doorway or on the mantel. The directions for making this gorgeous garland can be found at Parents. Scroll down to # 6 on the page.

I love the rustic look of these eggs. I think a nice bowl of them in a bed of Spanish moss, would make an attractive Spring centerpiece. Find the tutorial for making these eggs at Let It Shine.

Imagine the fun you'll have making this pretty Easter egg owl. The huge choices of scrapbook papers assures you of unique little owls.

They call him “my silly bee” but I'd call him cute and cuddly. OF Pinks and Fairy Tales is the site where you'll find the instructions for making this cute and cuddly, silly bee.

This will be an easy craft project for the kids.They'll even be able to make this snake by themselves. Check the instructions at Sewing and Crafting with Sarah, and supply the kids with a bunch of plastic eggs.

I'll bet you have the perfect place to display these birdies in a nest.

This wreath is super easy to make. You'll find the tutorial for making it at Sippy Cup Central.

Again, these eggs are some that I wouldn't want to stash away right after Easter. I'd want to display them somewhere to add color or brightness to an area. You'll find the tutorial for making these gorgeous ruffly eggs at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

This is super easy and the decoupaged eggs turn out beautiful. Find the easy to follow instructions at Red Ted Art.

By using bright paper and ribbons you can craft outstanding Easter eggs these, which have instructions at favecrafts. You'll find a very nice tutorial on the site.

Even though these eggs look they are sugar coated, they really are coated with epson salt. You'll find the directions for making these attractive, pastel eggs at hometalk.

I have a hard time thinking of these eggs as an Easter décor, because the jute makes them a nice look for anytime of year. You'll find the tutorial for making these shabby chic eggs at Taryn Whiteaker.

Be sure to save a few of your plastic eggs to make this bowl of cactii centerpiece. This is a very cute and unique use for plastic eggs.

Wouldn't a mobile made using these little hot air balloons look sweet in a baby's room? A nice baby shower gift or theme.

I can imagine a teacher finding this a great idea for her Spring classroom. The kids would be so interested in watching how the seeds grow. To make egg buddies these, go to Busy Bee Kids for the directions.

Make a beautiful Easter egg bouquet to give to your child's teacher to show her that you've been thinking of her. Or give one to Mom or Dad or a friend. Anyone that I know would appreciate this gift. See how to make this bouquet by going to a COWBOY’S wife for the tutorial.

Elegant and gorgeous are only two of the complimentary words that I can think of to describe these eggs. For the tutorial to make these twine and lace eggs, go to My Desert Cottage.

Are speckled eggs your favorite style? Making speckled eggs using plastic Easter eggs is a lot easier than you can imagine. Find out how really easy they are to make by going to we know….stuff for the instructions.

You'll find the tutorial for making these bunnies at Blessed Beyond Crazy. Super cute and easy to make.

The tutorial at favecrafts uses wooden eggs to make these painted Easter eggs, and you may want to do just that. But, if the kids are going to paint Easter eggs, I would suggest using plastic ones instead. Just sand the eggs slightly to give the paint a rougher surface to adhere to. Then paint.

Here's another craft project that you're sure to love. Grab a bunch of plastic eggs and a variety of washi tapes and make an adorable Spring wreath the one shown above. The tutorial is found at tatertots & jello.

Did you know that you could use the plastic Easter eggs as jello molds? See how this is done by going to RobbyGurls Creations to see how it's done.

Although this is a very simple garland, it still is a very beautiful and colorful addition to your Spring mantel. You'll find the tutorial for this craft by scanning down on the page at Kelly Elko.

These maracas are special because of they are covered with Washi tape, which gives them the special look. Make maracas for any occasion where you could use a little musical beat. Find the directions for making these maracas at kiwi crate.

Consider having the kids make these secret message necklaces for themselves or to gift to each other. The instructions for making this necklace is found at ParentTeachPlay.

Another great classroom project. Right after Easter it'll be easy to have the kids bring plastic eggs to school to make hoppy friends the ones shown. Find the instructions at Everyday Art.

This is also a project that calls for paper mache eggs, but I'm sure that the plastic ones can be used if you roughen up the surface a little with some sandpaper. You'll find the tutorial for making these beautiful, elegant bunnies at 504 MAIN.

I love, love, love these beautiful eggs. Definitely a winner. Get the directions at Sew For Soul.

These eggs are covered with tinfoil and then decorated with craft paint. Very cute and super simple. The directions are found at SUZY’S SITCOM.

I can imagine the kids would love to make these submarines, especially if they would play with them in a basin of water. For the instrucitons go to ADVENTURES AND PLAY.

I plan on making some of these to add to a planned fairy garden that will be located under a large blue spruce. The tutorial for this project is found at ARTZY CREATIONS.

Although gluing moss to plastic eggs doesn't seem to be a difficult craft, diy inspired gives some terrific tips to make the project less messy.

I think these little eggs would be a cute baby shower theme. Find the tutorial at PAJAMA CRAFTERS.

The eggs used in this craft, with a tutorial at HONESTLY YUM, aren't plastic eggs. I love this idea so much though that I think I'll try it with one of the large ostrich sized plastic eggs. I may have to tie jute around the center to cover the center slit, but that could look great too. Time will tell.

I don't know much about gold foil tattoos, but this egg is sure pretty. You'll find the tutorial for this project at DIY CANDY.

I the idea that the beading is the same color as the plastic egg, but the egg could be painted if needed. Go to Puddy’s House for the directions.

This is another time I'd want to use a larger sized plastic egg. Our Peaceful Planet shares the instructions and shows a photo of the egg displayed in a cloche. Impressive.

The beauty of this bowl of eggs is it's simplicity. To make these textured eggs, go to The Kim Mix Six for directions.

You'll find the tutorial for making these beautiful eggs at Hometalk.

You'll find a terrific pictured tutorial for making these rackybirds at Junk & Stuff.