15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

  1. 100 Best Kitchen Design Ideas – Pictures of Country Kitchen Decorating Inspiration
  2. 34 White Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring
  3. 34 White Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring
  4. Scandinavian Meets Mid-Century
  5. Effortless Eichler
  6. Cozy Scandinavian Style
  7. Dreamy Boho Bedroom
  8. Shades of Grey
  9. Creative Cutouts
  10. Industrial Reborn
  11. Bohemian Beauty
  12. A Nordic Kitchen
  13. Country Living
  14. Modern Marble
  15. White Water
  16. Mid-Century Entry
  17. Contemporary Cohesion
  18. Minimalist Meals
  19. Wicker Wonderful
  20. Island Life
  21. Truly Minimalist
  22. Cozy Cottage
  23. For Fresh Ideas
  24. A Dash of Red
  25. The Updated Farmhouse
  26. Stunning Stone
  27. White, Bright Workspace
  28. Cabin Fever
  29. The Perfect Porch
  30. Serene Sunroom
  31. Modern Marvel 
  32. Scandinavian Corner
  33. Mostly Mid-Century
  34. Standout Hardwood Flooring
  35. Au Natural
  36. Stark Simplicity
  37. So Springy 
  38. 20 White Kitchen Design Ideas – Decorating White Kitchens
  39. 25 Epic DIY Barstool Ideas To Help You Transform Your Space
  40. 3. Easy Farmhouse Barstool
  41. 6. Easy Upcycled Stool
  42. 8. Pipped Leg Bar Stool
  43. 9. Modern Adjustable Stool
  44. 10. Super Cool Concrete Bar Stool
  45. 11. Repurposed Farmhouse Style Stool
  46. 14. Barstool From Recycled Bookshelf
  47. 15. Easy Homemade Barstool
  48. 16. Distressed Chevron Barstool
  49. 17. Swivel Top Stool
  50. 20. DIY Wooden Barstool
  51. 21. Easy Industrial Barstool Upgrade
  52. 23. Simple DIY Barstool Update
  53. 25. Repurposed Rug Stool
  54. 15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen
  55. 1. DIY Adjustable Height Industrial Barstool
  56. 2. DIY Distressed Chalkboard Paint Barstools
  57. 3. Easy Concrete Barstools
  58. 4. DIY Wooden Patio Barstools
  59. 5. DIY Repurposed Pallet Stools
  60. 6. DIY Swivel Barstool
  61. 7. Simple Wooden Barstools
  62. 8. DIY Industrial Pipe Barstools
  63. 9. Wooden Barstools With Metal Rod Accents
  64. 10. Easy Modern Barstool
  65. 11. Simple DIY Grooved Barstool
  66. 12. DIY Rag Rug Barstool
  67. 13. Savvy Southern DIY Barstools
  68. 14. Lovely Spindle Leg Barstools
  69. 15. Cheap And Easy 2X4 Barstools
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  72. At a minimum, your built-in kitchen island size will need to be four feet by two feet—with an average of 36 to 42 inches of clearance all the way around.
  73. The standard height for a kitchen island is 36 inches.
  74. After determining your kitchen island size and height, factor in your wants and needs.
  75. Scenario 1: An all-inclusive island will service a large, bustling kitchen.
  76. Scenario 2: A kid-friendly island needs a wider berth and clear counters.
  77. Scenario 3: A minimalist’s island prioritizes uncluttered counters.
  78. Scenario 4: A moveable island uses wheels to provide the most flexibility.
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100 Best Kitchen Design Ideas – Pictures of Country Kitchen Decorating Inspiration

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

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Sink Skirt

Achieve ultimate farmhouse-chic status with patterned fabric to make a sink skirt that looks vintage and sweet.


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Salvaged Wood Peninsula

The trendy-looking peninsula in this kitchen is actually made salvaged wood that's been wrapped around the existing piece.


3 of 100

Upcycled Bar

Store all your mixology items and more in a cute upcycled freestanding cabinet this one, with whimsical wallpaper for an eye-catching effect.


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Tone-On-Tone Color Scheme

This kitchen establishes its cozy feel by using similar tones on the floors and cabinets that beautifully complement all the dark wood.


5 of 100

Displayed Pots

A long brass pot rack displays these vintage copper pots and pans, turning your kitchen tools into stunning kitchen décor.


6 of 100

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

The butcher's block countertops look lovely alongside these reclaimed wood shelves. The produce baskets are also a great way to keep your kitchen feeling open.


7 of 100

Open Shelving

Nothing says “country kitchen” open shelving for a casual, yet intentional, look. The baskets under the counter add even more of an organized feel.


8 of 100

Basket Lights

There's something rustic, yet chic, about these oversized basket lights. They pair nicely with the soft hues in this charming kitchen.


9 of 100

Terra-Cotta Tiles

One way to warm up any kitchen is with tiles these terra-cotta ones that bring an earthy tone without overpowering the room. Sharp hardware and colored cabinets add an even cozier feel.


10 of 100

All White

Don't be afraid to go for an all-white vibe in your kitchen! Your accents will pop through brass pendant lighting, iron hardware, and a dazzling centerpiece, this pine island.


11 of 100

Stainless Steel

12 of 100

Bright and White

13 of 100

Reclaimed Island

14 of 100

Rolling Island

Take a tip from the queen of the kitchen, Martha Stewart: “I using restaurant rolling carts topped with marble. I have three, and they're useful for moving around heavy equipment,” she says.


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Play With Patterns

Ted Kennedy Watson prefers his kitchen utensils to be just a little bit different. “I to mix and match vintage patterns,” he says.

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Nice and Balance

Wooden cabinets and a matching hood—reclaimed from a chicken coop!—bring a country feel, and a subway tile backsplash refines Karol Ann's space.

24 of 100

Shortcut Shiplap

Although it's nice to have the real deal, you can get the same look by using an idea from Halena Ernst's Wisconsin farmhouse. “They’re just strips of plywood nailed to the wall,” she says.

25 of 100

Wood Clad Walls

29 of 100

Printed Wallpaper

30 of 100

Bigger and Better

While renovating his Massachusetts farmhouse, Bobby Houston knew he wanted the kitchen as big as could be. His space features white ash cabinets, white Carrara marble, heated concrete floors, and a fireplace, all beneath a timberframe ceiling.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/g1213/kitchen-designs/

34 White Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

While some people might say decorating primarily with white is boring, we think that couldn’t be further from the truth. White is a vibrant and bright color with an endless number of decorating possibilities.

A white room keeps mid-century modern styles from looking dated, farmhouse style looking fresh, and sets the stage for Scandinavian design.

The decor of a room pops against white, whether keeping it simple with natural materials and neutral colors or adding bright hues for a high-energy space. An accent of wood, whether on the floor or as a piece of furniture, goes a long way to warm up the starkness of an all white space. Remember that less is more, even with a white base.

When painting a white room, consider that paints aren’t one-size-fits-all. A range of undertones in white paint can create a multitude of different looks. Benjamin Moore has over 200 shades of white, after all.

Enjoy these white room ideas!

34 White Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Collect this ideaImage: LQ SHOP

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Scandinavian Meets Mid-Century

An eye-catching branching bubble chandelier and rich mid-century modern furnishings look timeless (read: not at all dated) against a crisp white backdrop.

Collect this ideaImage: Flegel’s Construction Co., Inc.

Shop These Products Now: Area Rug – Dining Chairs – Serving Tray

Effortless Eichler

Talk about a clean kitchen. Soft lines of wood, both on the flooring and the ceiling, compromise the sharpness of the white cabinetry in this San Francisco classic home style.

Collect this ideaImage: Nathan + Jac

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Cozy Scandinavian Style

Inviting textures in neutral tones add comfort and style to this living room, proving that shades of brown and tan don’t have to equal boring.

Collect this ideaImage: Heidi Caillier Design

Shop These Products Now: Curtains – Bed Sheet – Table Lamp – Bedroom Plants

Dreamy Boho Bedroom

Bohemian, mid-century, and minimalist design styles all come together to create a serene, but not sterile, space. We love the vintage-inspired dresser, and how nothing else in the room fights for attention.

Collect this ideaImage: Scandinavian Homes

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Couch – Console Table – Throw Pillow

Shades of Grey

Don’t underestimate how peaceful and captivating a grey color palette can be. The white base to this room allows it to remain bright and lively, while the grey tones make it livable and minimalist.

Collect this ideaImage: DISC Interiors

Shop These Products Now: Throw Pillow – Center Table – Wall Painting

Creative Cutouts

This home takes wood detailing a step further with built-in cutouts that break up the consistency of the white walls.

Collect this ideaImage: Nia Morris Studio

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Industrial Reborn

Warehouse, meet new house. The white walls and ceiling accentuate the character found in the both steel framed windows and industrial lighting of this once-factory.

Collect this ideaImage: Gem + Elli

Shop These Products Now: Comforter – Pillow – Basket

Bohemian Beauty

This white bedroom features several softening details, from a sheer canopy draping from beam to bed, to the natural fiber accents in the bench, basket, and rope that give this room its hip vibe.

Collect this ideaImage: Sue Murphy Interiors

Shop These Products Now: Dining Chair – Ceiling Lamp – Fruit Bowl

A Nordic Kitchen

This kitchen and dining space create their Scandinavian look with a combination of white and wood. The white paint stays dynamic with its blue undertone, while the wood remains soft and warm for the perfect balance of color and texture.

Collect this ideaImage: Traci Connell Interiors

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Country Living

A country kitchen gets a fresh upgrade with a coat of white, which accents details including French doors and paned glass above the cabinets.

Collect this ideaImage: Chelsea Alelier Architect

Shop These Products Now: Bar Chair – Refrigerator – Fruit Bowl

Modern Marble

In this all-white space, a gray on white wrapped marble countertop subtly steals attention, while dark wood flooring provides a stunning color contrast.

Collect this ideaImage: Christian Dean Architecture

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White Water

The simple beauty of this bathroom leads the eye right to the modern soaking tub and out at a picturesque view. What makes this room really pop? It’s the black framing on the wall-sized window.

Collect this ideaImage: Amber Interiors

Shop These Products Now: Accent Mirror – Throw Blanket – Tree Plants

Mid-Century Entry

Four major pieces create a warm and stylish entryway that looks both tidy and lived in — the ultimate combination.

Collect this ideaImage: Destination Living

Shop These Products Now: Range Hood – Faucet – Hanging Lamp

Contemporary Cohesion

Simple detailing on the white cabinetry, shiny chrome fixtures, and dark wood flooring make this white kitchen a chef-worthy space.

Collect this ideaImage: Resolution: 4 Architecture

Shop These Products Now: Wishbone Dining Chair – Flower Pot – Dining Table

Minimalist Meals

This city apartment looks lavish with little, made beautiful with a few signature pieces: an oversized pendant lamp, an oak dining set. Fresh greens bring this look to life.

Collect this ideaImage: Bowerhouse

Shop These Products Now: Blanket – Bedside Table – Throw Pillow

Wicker Wonderful

Bohemian meets minimalist in this simple space for sleeping. Island-inspired wicker furnishings bring softness to this blank canvas, paired with richly patterned bedding.

Collect this ideaImage: Salt Interiors Joinery

Shop These Products Now: Plants – Throw Pillow – Couch

Island Life

A taste of the tropics comes thought in this neutral living room, accentuating arched French doors, rich wood beams, and a pop of green — inside and out.

Collect this ideaImage: Urban Angles

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Truly Minimalist

Seriously. But what keeps this space interesting and design-forward is the use of wood and the warm lines it creates throughout the open floor plan. Too much or just right?

Collect this ideaImage: Brown + Brown Architects

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Dining Chair – Fruit Bowl

Cozy Cottage

This white washed remodel gets interesting with the several different surfaces creating different lines. The change from subway tile to shiplap is accentuated with black grout for a crisp look.

Collect this ideaImage: Brown + Brown Architects

Shop These Products Now: Bookcase – Desk Lamp – Chairs

For Fresh Ideas

And meetings you may actually enjoy. This Scandinavian-inspired office space keeps cool with monochromatic colors and wood accents. We love the big bookshelf and the black pendant lamps.

Collect this ideaImage: elena del bucchia design

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Rug – Fruit Bowl

A Dash of Red

A few Persian rugs make all of the difference in the modern space, adding eye-catching color and highlighting the beautiful wood flooring.

Collect this ideaImage: Newcastle Design

Shop These Products Now: Kitchen Cart – Wall Lamp – Dining Chair

The Updated Farmhouse

Beamed barn ceilings and French country kitchen design pop with a soft shade of white that keeps the large cooking and dining space looking its best. What gives this kitchen dimension? Take a look at all of the various types of light sources.

Collect this ideaImage: Green Couch Interior Design

Shop These Products Now: Bar Stool – Hanging Lamp – Faucet

Stunning Stone

This contemporary kitchen gets a designer upgrade with a white and gray stone backsplash that adds shine and splendor. We also love the way the pendant lamps seem to mirror the barstools.

Collect this ideaImage: Dan Brunn Architecture

Shop These Products Now: Wall Shelves – Office Chair – Laptop

White, Bright Workspace

Flawlessly bright walls and flooring make way for this large corner wooden desk to really shine. A floor to ceiling window offers a break from the white with a welcome splash of green.

Collect this ideaImage: Brown + Brown Architects

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Accent Chair – Rug

Cabin Fever

Another splash of green, credit of this shag rug. With so much original character in the walls and fireplace, the furnishings are complimentary with soft lines and a whimsical cool shades.

Collect this ideaImage: Sean Litchfield

Shop These Products Now: Hammock Chair – Drawer Storage – Rug

The Perfect Porch

It’s hard not to love a space with a hanging chair and water views. This porch is no exception. Whitewashed wood walls get a perk from a vintage teal dresser and, of course, that cozy chair.

Collect this ideaImage: Cabbages and Roses

Shop These Products Now: Curtains – Stools – Desk Lamp

Serene Sunroom

Shabby chic furnishings in this farmhouse-style home make this the perfect spot for DIYs, reading, or writing.

Collect this ideaImage: Haptic Architects

Shop These Products Now: Couch – Wall Painting – Center Table

Modern Marvel 

Even dressed in white, these edgy stairs make quite the statement in this loft. Adding softness is a warm bohemian rug and deep gray couch.

Collect this ideaImage: Britse & Co

Shop These Products Now: Throw Pillow – Round Table – Wall Painting

Scandinavian Corner

Would Andy Warhol have d this room? With a warm white tone layered in black patterns and wood accents, who wouldn’t?

Collect this ideaImage: Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Rug – Bed Topper – Table Lamp

Mostly Mid-Century

This bedroom design becomes a timeless piece with bright walls to bring out these beloved furnishings. We love how the colors on the bed add a modern pop to dated pieces.

Collect this ideaImage: Libby Winberg Interiors

Shop These Products Now: Dining Table – Flower Pots – Fruit Bowl

Standout Hardwood Flooring

Why let anything take away from these incredible floors?

Collect this ideaImage: Studio Revolution

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Throw Pillow – Sectional Sofa

Au Natural

Earth tones and natural textures were made for Nordic design styles, which is why chopped firewood, a floral painting, and modern lamp can coexist beautifully in a small white room

Collect this ideaImage: Wida Design

Shop These Products Now: Center Table – Footrest Pouf – Rug

Stark Simplicity

A heavy dose of white feels livable with the addition of a few textured throws, black detailing in the art and accessories, and a pop of plant life. It’s the 1 2 3 of Scandinavian design.

Collect this ideaImage: Jeanette Lunde

Shop These Products Now: Wall Painting – Throw Pillow – L-Shape Sofa

So Springy 

This white room uses pastel colors to keep the lovely pop of spring alive all season long. While pastels can be tricky, using them in small doses and pairing them with other textures and tones (i.e. copper and leather, as seen) keeps them from getting too much an Easter basket.

What white room featured here is your favorite? Chime in on social media or in the comments section below, and let us know what you think!

Source: https://freshome.com/inspiration/white-room-ideas/

20 White Kitchen Design Ideas – Decorating White Kitchens

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

Alexandra Ribar

1 Keep It Classic

Ryan Turf, the president of furniture-and-decor brand CB2, and his wife Jessica of Turf Design, chose to anchor their family kitchen with white staples. The marble counters, subway tile backsplash, and white cabinetry are classic timeless. “We live in the kitchen,” says Jessica. “We use the barstools to do homework, or have breakfast in the morning before the kids go to school.

2 Balance It With Black

Not convinced white can be interesting? This hip, eclectic space designed by Emil Dervish is the no makeup-makeup look of kitchens. The simple wooden countertops and blond wood herringbone floors lighten and ground the more over-the-top features, the brass statement hood and black cabinets.

3 Add a Pop of Color

While white dominates this kitchen designed by Robson Rak, the warm wood surfaces and matte green stools inject the perfect balance of warmth and color.

4 Spend Wisely

When interior designer and HGTV star Leanne Ford fell in love with Calacatta Borghini (which she says is “the most expensive marble in the world”), she decided to splurge on just enough to do a waterfall edge. For the rest of the kitchen counters, she switched to honed Arabescato, a more affordable version. To ensure a truly all-white kitchen, she painted the barstools white.

5 Hang Fun Lighting

In this deVol kitchen, the bronze pendants bring a youthful energy. They pair nicely with the kitchen bar stools tucked under the island while also contrasting with the cream trim and glossy white subway tiles.

6 Treat It Art

In this kitchen designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, the wood tones, brown marble swirls, and beige bar stools warm up the crisp white staples while the metallic accents add some glam. Jenkins says the granite “was a bit of a sell. I told the clients to look at it as art. Of course, now it's their favorite thing.”

7 Display White Plating

If you have exposed shelves in your kitchen display white plating, pottery, and serveware to drive home the all-white aesthetic even further, as seen in this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

8 Highlight the Architectural Details

When Raji Radhakrishnan was commissioned to decorate this kitchen in a Piet Boon-designed home, he didn't want to detract from the beautiful architectural details. To preserve as much as possible, he opted for a a minimal trio Serge Moille pendants and simple backless stools from West Elm.

9 Contrast Your Cabinets

A bright all-white kitchen can be a bit blinding and stark—especially a small one. Painting your cabinets a subtle neutral will maintain than the light and open feel of a white color scheme while bringing in dimension and personality.

10 Consider a Fun Grout Color

Make your white subway tiles pop with an unexpected grout color. In this kitchen by Simo Design, the subtle pistachio grout emphasizes the unique tile layout and complements the painted accent wall.

11 Keep It Unfinished

The exposed brick walls add an undone, laid-back feel to this kitchen. Instead of covering them up or refinishing them, let your original architectural details stand out.

12 Being In Greenery

Hang planters over the kitchen island to liven up an all-white space. In this deVol kitchen, there's also a framed piece of art featuring plants to accentuate the theme further.

13 Opt for Texture-Rich Materials

In this kitchen designed by Robson Rak, the neutral color scheme is far from boring thanks to the texture-rich materials. From the marble countertops to the white paneled walls, stone tile floors, matter black pendant and wood grain island, there's plenty to please the eye.

14 Choose One Contrasting Color

Against an all-white backdrop, the red accent pieces in this Leanne Ford-designed kitchen appear to float in mid air.

15 Sweeten It up

White interiors lend themselves to sweet decor. Take note from this deVol kitchen and install pale pink curtains and a dainty chandelier. Oh, and of course, say yes to tasteful bows.

16 Warm It up With Wood

Between the pale oak floors and butcher block counters, this Florida kitchen embraces an informal yet cozy aesthetic. Black latches on plank cabinetry lend extra vintage charm.

17 Keep It Minimalist

Keep it sparse and simple. All you need to add some dimension to an all-white kitchen is wooden counter stools, and maybe a solitary plant leaf. See more at Amber Interiors.

18 Try Thick Countertops

Not only is this island big enough for family dinners, but the Calacatta marble countertops measure a solid 2 inches thick. The extra heft gives this kitchen a more modern feel.

19 Add Warmth With A Rug

All white is classic, but it can get blah, fast. Warm it up and add contrast without breaking the light color scheme with a cream and earth-toned rug. Leanne Ford also displayed earthy decor on the floating shelves to bring out the rug.

20 All White Everything

If you've got an insanely small kitchen, go with all white for a lighter and brighter space. Tiled walls, brass hardware, and a milk-glass chandelier make it feel less monochromatic.

21 Put Some Pattern in Your Floor

Keep cabinets and walls all white and get dimension from your floor. Choose a pattern in a neutral color if you don't want it to attract too much attention.

22 Marble For Days

A seamless slab of Calacatta Gold marble spans the wall behind this range, with the hood adding shine thanks to patinated pewter, stainless steel, and brass banding.

23 Tile Your Floor

Turkish terrazzo tiles to create a graphic floor, which perfectly accents the white subway tile.

24 Hide Appliances

This oval island has open shelves at each end for easy access to a collection of ironstone. Hidden appliances, including a paneled fridge and dishwasher, feel cozier than the usual stainless steel.

25 Add Brass Accents

Accent an all-white kitchen with brass. It feels antique-y, but definitely not dated. Amber Interiors simply added a brass teapot here.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g3223/white-kitchen-ideas/

25 Epic DIY Barstool Ideas To Help You Transform Your Space

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

If you are looking to build your own barstool or if you want to upgrade something you have laying around, this is for you! These awesome tips and tricks help you make your own stool in no time.

Jamison at Rogue Engineer made some awesome budget friendly stools. They turned out really cool and would be a perfect project for a beginner. Try your hand at making these easy stools.

Remodelaholic was inspired by better homes and gardens to make her own bar stools. The finished bar stools turned out great. The metal accent just gives it a pop. See how they did it.

3. Easy Farmhouse Barstool

Sawdust Sisters made an awesome set of farmhouse style barstools without any plans. She just made it up and based it off of a past project she did. The stools turned out fantastic and she only used 2×4’s. . Make your own set.

Jay’s Custom Creations wanted to make something using only 2×4’s so he came up with these barstools. They turned out awesome and they were very inexpensive to make. Build your own.

DIY Pete was inspired to make some stools to go with his outdoor patio. The stools are simple and beautiful. Watch his video and step-by-step tutorial here.

6. Easy Upcycled Stool

Amanda at A Crafted Passion shares how she upcycled a plain barstool and turned it into a gorgeous piece of furniture. Add a splash of color and transform any room with this easy stool makeover. See how she did it.

Lazy Liz On Less wanted to make some stools that wouldn’t break the bank. They look so good painted white. They are great because you can always personalize them to look good in your space. Check out how to make your own.

8. Pipped Leg Bar Stool

Yoga By Candace wanted to find some bar stools for her and couldn’t find anything that was worth the price so she made her own. These modern and industrial stools look awesome and are functional too. Full tutorial here.

9. Modern Adjustable Stool

Ana at Ana White provides a detailed tutorial on how to make these industrial style stools. They are so modern and cool and would update your living space. See how she did it.

10. Super Cool Concrete Bar Stool

Do It Yourself Fun Ideas loves to do projects that involve cement. She decided to try making these stools with a concrete seat and pvc pipe legs. They turned out so awesome. Make your own extraordinary stools.

11. Repurposed Farmhouse Style Stool

Over at Savvy Southern Style they wanted to update some plain and boring stools to give them life again. He did some painting, distressing and a few other steps and created a pair beautiful bar stools. Find out how.

Heidi at Honeybear Lane had some old stools that weren’t stylish at all and knew they needed a facelift. She painted them and dipped them in gold to add some extra character to her daughter’s bedroom. They turned out wonderful. DIY Barstools.

Remodelo la Casa remodeled their kitchen and knew their old stools needed some flair. So they updated them and they turned out looking industrial and rustic. Check out what they did.

14. Barstool From Recycled Bookshelf

Ohoh Blog was inspired by an old bookshelf they found in the alley one day. They got creative and decided to turn it into a barstool. You can get as creative as you want to make these. Give it a try.

15. Easy Homemade Barstool

Shara at Pretty Handy Girl made some really easy bar stools in just 5 steps. They turned out sleek and stylish. Update your space by making these cool stools.

16. Distressed Chevron Barstool

Tanya at TwelveOeight saw a lot of potential in a simple stool she already had. She transformed the appearance with some paint and a few other supplies. What she ended up with was a gorgeous chevron distressed stool. Go here for the complete tutorial.

17. Swivel Top Stool

Instructables shares a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can take an ordinary stool and give it a swivel top. They went with some fun and playful colors and it turned out awesome. Make your own.

Rain on a Tin Roof wanted to have some contrasting color in her living room and got to work making some really cool barstools. She used Ralph Lauren as inspiration and did a wonderful job. See how she did it.

Over at Bang On Style, they share how they made an easy DIY faux fur barstool with only 8 steps. They turned out beautiful and look so comfortable.

20. DIY Wooden Barstool

Mr. Lentz gives a 3 part tutorial on how he made these DIY barstools. It turned out great. You can personalize it with any stain or color you choose. See the complete 3 part tutorial.

21. Easy Industrial Barstool Upgrade

Crafted to Create shows us how they took an outdated stool and gave it an industrial makeover. The end result is awesome. You can make these modern industrial stools too.

Handmade with Ashley puts her own spin on some gorgeous wooden stools. These stools are so simple to replicate. The chevron pattern and the wood result in a fantastic piece of furniture. Check out the step-by-step guide.

23. Simple DIY Barstool Update

Dazzle While Frazzled added some fabric and padding and completely transformed the simple barstool she had. They did a fantastic job of coloring and style. The best part is how easy it was! Update your home with this gorgeous stool.

Christine at Where The Smiles Have Been shows off her very first furniture DIY remodel project. They turned out beautiful! These bronze barstools are timeless and would liven up any room. Full tutorial here.

25. Repurposed Rug Stool

Cassidy at Things Skeleton Keys was inspired by watching her favorite television show. She decided to use a rag rug and give her stool an updated look. It turned out cool and unique. Make your own unique stool. 

No matter what your style is there is a stool that will fit your space perfectly. I hope you got some inspiration to start making your own bar stools.

Source: https://www.thesawguy.com/diy-barstool/

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

If you have a kitchen bar, or one in the dining room, you need barstools, right? I priced a few barstools recently, just to add extra seating in the kitchen for when we have huge extended family dinners, and those things can be expensive. Pottery Barn has a beautiful set for $200 each. I found the same price at Anthropologie and while they are beautiful stools, that’s a bit pricey for my blood.

So, I decided to see what I could find in the way of DIY barstools. I am so excited to share with you these 15 gorgeous DIY barstools that I have found. They are all pretty easy to make and they are all absolutely stunning.

Forget paying $400 or more for a set of four barstools. You can just make them yourself and add comfortable extra seating to your kitchen or dining room. You know how I love to DIY things – just check out these 20 DIY slipcovers.

They let you add style to any room without spending half your paycheck.

The thing is, I don’t have to have barstools – I want them. So, I just can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on them.

I would much rather save my money and then brag as I show off the DIY barstools that I made all by myself! If you love DIY furniture or if you just need a great set of barstools but don’t want to spend a fortune buying them, these DIY barstools are perfect.

You can make them with such inexpensive wood and other materials and they really do add style wherever you put them. Also, check out these 25 DIY kitchen remodeling ideas that will go beautifully with your new barstools.

1. DIY Adjustable Height Industrial Barstool

This adjustable barstool is perfect for sitters of all sizes. It’s made of wood and metal and it’s a pretty easy DIY project. Plus, the barstools have the most gorgeous wood design that gives them a wonderful farmhouse appeal. If you want to add that farmhouse décor look to your kitchen, these adjustable industrial barstools will certainly help you to do just that.

Tutorial/Plans: ana-white

2. DIY Distressed Chalkboard Paint Barstools

You can take those cheap barstools that you get from Walmart and turn them into something spectacular with a bit of chalkboard paint.

I love distressed furniture and these barstools are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home.

Cheap barstools at Walmart are about $40 for a set of two, so they’re much cheaper than anything in a furniture store and you can make them look fabulous with this little DIY project. You have to love chalkboard paint projects.

Tutorial/Plans: etourneau

3. Easy $5 Concrete Barstools

For just $5 each, you can make these concrete barstools that are perfect for adding a more industrial touch to your kitchen. These are also great for outdoor bars or even in the garage.

You make them with concrete mix and a five gallon bucket and the process is pretty simple.

You just have to choose your legs and if you want to really make them look fancy, paint the concrete when you’re finished making them.

Tutorial/Plans: homemade-modern

4. DIY Wooden Patio Barstools

Patio barstools are great for adding extra seating – especially if you have the room for them. These in particular have such a nice rustic look to them and they’re pretty easy to build yourself. You could also use these in the kitchen if you wanted. Paint or stain them to match your kitchen or give them a nice distressed look for a more rustic design.

Tutorial/Plans: diypete

5. DIY Repurposed Pallet Stools

There are a couple of different ways that you can turn your old pallets into barstools. Whether you want stools with a backrest and footrest or you just want something a bit simple, that stack of pallets in your back yard have been waiting for a DIY project this. These are perfect for the kitchen or patio and they are all so easy to make.

Tutorial/Plans: 99pallets

6. DIY Swivel Barstool

You can turn a cheap, ordinary wooden stool into one that has quite the swivel. I love this project. I turns one of those really inexpensive $20 wooden barstools from Walmart into a gorgeously colored and painted wooden stool that has a swivel seat. You just need an extra piece of wood for the seat and then some imagination for creating the design that you want.

Tutorial/Plans: instructables

7. Simple Wooden Barstools

You can make these barstools for less than $10 each and the process is really easy.

They have a simple design that is perfect if you just want to add some extra seating or just a bit of design around your patio or kitchen bar. They’re really sturdy too, despite their simple design.

You just won’t find an easier barstool to build than these – and they’re among the cheapest DIY barstools, too.

Tutorial/Plans: rogueengineer

8. DIY Industrial Pipe Barstools

If you love the industrial look, you are really going to love these DIY industrial pipe barstools. You use actual metal pipes and fittings to make these and they have a gorgeous wooden top. If you want something really unique, these are perfect. They’re not nearly as difficult to DIY as you may think and they really do add some personalized design to your home.

Tutorial/Plans: lovegrowswild

9. Wooden Barstools With Metal Rod Accents

If you really want a wooden barstool but you want one with a bit of unique design, you have to check out these wooden barstools with their metal rod accent.

These are gorgeous – whatever color you stain or paint them, and they are really easy to make.

The metal bar gives them such a great industrial look but the overall design pairs perfectly with your DIY farmhouse furniture and décor.

Tutorial/Plans: remodelaholic

10. Easy Modern Barstool

This easy to build wooden barstool is perfect for the kitchen bar or you could use it as a desk stool, too. There is a great little cutout in the front for your feet! If you want something really comfortable, this is a great one to build. You can leave the wood in its natural state or paint or stain these to make them more decorative.

Tutorial/Plans: abeautifulmess

11. Simple DIY Grooved Barstool

I love the look of these grooved barstools. You make these with wood and the process is pretty simple. The tops are grooved in to make them really comfortable for seating and of course, you can paint or stain them any color that you need to match your existing kitchen or dining room décor. These are perfect for adding comfortable seating around the bar or table.

Tutorial/Plans: lazylizonless

12. DIY Rag Rug Barstool

You make these amazing rag rug barstools from existing stools and then add the top, which is so colorful and comfortable. Creating the rag rug top is really easy, and so much fun. You will need a set of barstools, which you can build yourself or buy on the cheap at Walmart or check your local thrift store. If your current barstools need a new makeover, this is the perfect project.

Tutorial/Plans: thingsskeletonkeys

13. Savvy Southern DIY Barstools

These savvy barstools have such a gorgeous painted design. The distressed look gives them just the right touch of rustic appeal and they are so comfortable.

You can do the paint with existing barstools or make your own set and paint them when you’re finished with the building.

These are perfect for adding a bit of style to the kitchen or you could throw on a coat of all weather protectant and use them on the patio.

Tutorial/Plans: savvysouthernstyle

14. Lovely Spindle Leg Barstools

If you want something with a lot of design and style, you have to try these spindle leg barstools. They are gorgeous and the legs are already made for you, so you don’t even have to know how to use a wood router. You can buy legs or stairway spindles at any home improvement store and once you have those, you just have to build the top of the stool and choose your stain color.

Tutorial/Plans: shanty-2-chic

15. Cheap And Easy 2X4 Barstools

You can make these barstools 2X4s and they are as cheap to make as they are easy to DIY. These are probably the easiest barstools you could possibly create and at just $6 each, you really can’t find anything cheaper.

You will need to know how to use a few power tools but once you master that, you can build these in an afternoon and they are perfect for the kitchen, dining room or patio.

You just won’t believe the furniture that you can DIY from 2X4s.


Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/35398/woodworking/15-gorgeous-diy-barstools-add-comfortable-style-kitchen

Solved! The Best Kitchen Island Size

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

Photo: istockphoto.com

Q: My husband and I are designing our kitchen remodel ourselves. We definitely want a multi-purpose kitchen island, but our main question is: How big should the island be in proportion to the room’s footprint?

A: DIYing your kitchen design, is an exciting, challenging feat that will no doubt ultimately benefit your family and friends. It’s great that you and your husband are learning how to make the most of storage, food prep, and dining in a way that best suits your needs and style.

Your question shows foresight, because it’s not only the size of the island but the space around it that you must consider. Fortunately, there are a few solid rules to follow for kitchen island size and proportionality.

And because you want a multipurpose island, you should look at four different scenarios for maximizing utility and traffic flow around an island, while minimizing any lost space. Read on for help configuring your island.

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At a minimum, your built-in kitchen island size will need to be four feet by two feet—with an average of 36 to 42 inches of clearance all the way around.

You can stretch the surrounding space to 48 inches or shrink it to 30 inches—but in the latter scenario, you’ll also have to check building codes on egress (accessibility).

Once you mark out the surrounding space, you’ll have a good idea of how much room is left and what kitchen island size that gets you.

If your kitchen is less than 13 feet wide, it is unly that a built-in island will be possible.

The standard height for a kitchen island is 36 inches.

Raise that up to 42 inches if your island will also be used for dining. If you want a breakfast bar—an overhang ideal for enjoying simple meals and snacks—make sure that bar stools have at least two feet of clearance for access and comfort.

Because every kitchen has unique dimensions and other quirks, a good resource for deciding if your kitchen meets building codes and functional design rules is The Thirty-One Kitchen Design Rules, standards researched and set by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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Photo: istockphoto.com

After determining your kitchen island size and height, factor in your wants and needs.

Do you cook a lot? Do you hope to add storage? What about seating? Here are the four factors to consider when placing and designing an island:

  1. Appliance Layout. Many kitchen designs work utilize the “work triangle” layout, which triangulates the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator—the core meal prep area—for easy access and efficiency. Each leg of the triangle should be between four and nine feet, and the sum of all three sides should be 13 to 26 feet. If your cooktop will be housed on the island, carefully plan the placement of the sink and fridge in relation to it. For example, if the refrigerator will be behind or to the side of the island, ensure there is enough unimpeded space, even when the fridge door is open.
  2. Organization. The island should be a seamless component of your kitchen’s functionality. Design or build it to suit your storage needs, with cabinets, shelves, and drawers to hold items you’ll use while working or sitting at the island. Also consider including a sliding pull-out drawer for trash. Keep in mind that built-in appliances a stovetop, dishwasher, microwave, and sink increase an island’s functions but reduce interior space for cabinets.
  3. Food Prep and Serving. If you and your family cook a lot, having a gas or electric range top on the island—as well as uncluttered counter space beside it for food prep—will make things easier and fun for home chefs. In addition to chopping and mixing, the countertop will be used for serving, so choose a rugged and heat-resistant material sealed stone, stainless steel, or tile. If you intend to do major grilling or frying, install a downdraft fan or vent hood over the island to banish food smells and grease particles.
  4. Breakfast Bar. Islands that offer a breakfast bar feature encourage family time and come in handy when entertaining. Match the height of your island with the height of standard bar stools or the custom stools you’ll be using. Three stools can fit comfortably at the average breakfast bar, but if you want to seat more people, sure to give each one 24 inches of space in total. Remember that these stools must be pulled out to a comfortable degree, so ensure two to three feet of clearance on that side of the island.

Photo: istockphoto.com

Scenario 1: An all-inclusive island will service a large, bustling kitchen.

If you have a large kitchen (more than 200 square feet), you have room for a deluxe island with all the perks, serving multiple needs and still leave countertops relatively clutter-free.

Be warned: Your island will need to be at least nine feet long to comfortably accommodate both a sink and a cooking range. Seven feet is needed for either a cooktop or a sink area.

If you have adequate space, you can even install a dishwasher next to the sink, to maximize efficiency when cleaning.

One caveat: Be careful not to over-crowd your island with too many functions (prepping, cooking, cleaning, eating), especially if you don’t have at least nine feet to work with. And remember that if a sink or dishwasher is installed, space is lost for storage and seating.

Scenario 2: A kid-friendly island needs a wider berth and clear counters.

If you have children, you may wish to make the kitchen island a central zone for family connection, fun, and learning.

With the right design, a two-foot by four-foot island should meet your family’s needs, as long as you provide at least three feet of surrounding space.

Instead of including both a stove and sink, choose one major function (cleaning and prep, or cooking), and dedicate a section of the island as a work/play space.

  • The work functions could include a countertop space devoted to homework and snacks, as well as cabinets or shelves underneath for storing school supplies and lunch boxes.
  • The play functions could include a built-in blackboard for game nights (to keep score), as well as easy-to-reach storage for games, books, and art supplies.

Scenario 3: A minimalist’s island prioritizes uncluttered counters.

Minimalists appreciate the island as a sleek, striking focal point in the kitchen, pared down to the essentials. Imagine a simple countertop, made of beautiful monotone composite or sealed stone, with hidden cabinets below for unobtrusive storage.

A sink or stove top can be included, too, as long as the hardware isn’t fussy. Family and friends can enjoy each other’s company in comfortable stools on one or several sides of the island.

Just be sure you have enough space—both free counter space and space around the island—because minimalists abhor over-crowding.

Scenario 4: A moveable island uses wheels to provide the most flexibility.

If your kitchen doesn’t meet the spatial requirements for a built-in island, consider an island on wheels. Technically called carts by furniture merchants Wayfair and designed for smaller kitchens, they come in a range of sizes and styles. For example, a kitchen cart that is 2.5 by 1.

5 feet and three feet high can be situated in a convenient location to offer a food prep area and storage below (sorry, no chance of a sink, stovetop, or other built-in appliances).

Another option is a drop-leaf island, which contains a hinged leaf to offer extra tabletop space for preparing, serving, and eating.

Photo: wayfair.com

Source: https://www.bobvila.com/articles/kitchen-island-size/

60 Best Kitchen Ideas – Decor and Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Design

15 Gorgeous DIY Barstools That Add Comfortable Style To The Kitchen

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Pattern Pile-On

you would in a cozy bedroom, pile on prints to your heart's desire, starting with an accent wall covered in one pattern, and a colorful rug in another.


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Stash and Hide

Because you can never have too much storage, stash bulky appliances, stand mixers behind a sliding cabinet door. Or for a faster solution, turn to good ol' baskets to hold and conceal seasonal goods holiday cookie cutters or sprinkles.


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Stacked Shelving

Replace upper cabinets with floating shelves to make a kitchen feel bigger and brighter. A Beauitful Mess blog cofounder Elsie Larson stores less-used items toward the top.


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Moody Hues

Black adds a hit of posh style to any cooking space. For a less stark, but equally chic option, consider “almost black” colors that are rich and warm, deep blues and cozy maroons.


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Simple and Streamlined

Go modern with lacquer — the sleek material comes in plenty of bold colors, is super durable, and can transform a traditional kitchen into a contemporary one.


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Juxtapose Materials

Incorporate multiple kinds of natural stone, different shades of wood, and both matte and glossy surfaces for a custom look that's not too matchy.


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Finishing Touches

Take a cue from design team Studio McGee by updating your hardware or showing off items you have hidden in cabinets to update your existing kitchen in a single afternoon.


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Colorful Lighting

Think of pendants as jewelry for your kitchen — the right ones can tie the whole room together or stand out to make a statement. Here, Massucco Warner Miller uses a surprising pop of yellow to draw the eye upward.


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Schoolhouse Charm

For a cheery vibe, start with the two c's: color and chalkboard! Stools in primary colors along with a memo board to leave notes make a simple white kitchen feel fun.


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Eye-Catching Tile

Have fun! A playful pattern adds major “wow” factor to a backsplash or statement floor.


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Painted Floors

Of all the kitchen paint trends, this is our favorite. Grab some painter's tape plus some pretty colors and say goodbye to boring floors forever!

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Upper Storage

Floating shelves may be all the rage, but here Uma Stewart makes the case for mixing both open shelves and traditional upper cabinets. Try placing shelves around a kitchen window to allow more light to filter in.


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Moveable Addition

Want a bigger island without having to renovate? Designer Jenn Feldman doubled a family's island in one fell swoop by placing a light dining table right up next to it. Genius!


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Bright and Airy

Chef Katie Lee's Hamptons kitchen embraces the light, with crisp white cabinetry and a soft blue tile backsplash to compliment the room's sunny view.


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Mixed Styles

House-flipping pros Harper Home Company have the winning kitchen design formula down to a science by incorporating both modern and traditional elements into their upstate New York kitchen.


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Painted Ceiling

Paint is the quickest and most effective way to transform your kitchen. Take it to the next level by covering the ceiling. Just be sure to keep a few pieces of wall white to strike an even balance of color.


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Classic Aesthetic

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Double-Duty Table

Let a rustic dining table double as a comfy prep station for big family meals this summer.


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Island Storage

Hide linens, platters and single-use items under the island. Hidden cabinets on both sides double up as a place to stash pots and pans. SHOP BAR STOOLS

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Instant Dinner Table

Dreaming of an eat-in kitchen? Extend the countertop over the edge of a block island and it transforms into a casual dining spot. Chic shades let you filter in just the right amount of lighting.


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Mint Green Cabinets

You may not think it can, but a narrow kitchen can totally handle brightly colored cabinetry.


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Multitasking Pot Rack

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Shades of Gray

A cheery dishware collection gives this pale blue and dark gray kitchen a bit more personality.


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All White

The monochromatic theme paired with framed prints and a wooden tray give this kitchen a clean, country feel.


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Eclectic Touches

This kitchen's fun mix of colors and cool decor (look at that scalloped countertop!) gives off a quirky yet pulled-together vibe.


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Cushy Bench

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Matching Rugs

Fill the floor space around the island with cozy carpets that are easy on the feet and the eye. A pair of jute carpets tie this beachy kitchen in with the rest of the New Jersey home.


Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/decorating-ideas/g1872/decor-ideas-kitchen/